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Exploring Discrimination of LGBT+ Residents in Senior Living

On the heels of ICAA’s Conference in Expo in late 2023, Welbi is excited to host Kinne-Norris as they revisit their popular and engaging session, Exploring Discrimination of LGBT+ Residents in Senior Living.

There are an estimated 2.7 million LGBT+ older adults in the US and 355,000 in Canada. This is likely to be a conservative estimate and is expected to double by 2030. Representation and education are key to ensuring our communities are welcoming and ready to meet their needs.

Join Kinne-Norris as they discuss what types of discrimination may be affecting LGBT+ individuals in your communities while exploring information from various research articles, including a study conducted by the presenter themself! Learn how to implement new ideas to foster more inclusive programming and ensure all feel welcome in your community.

Speakers Include:


Haley Kinne-Norris (they/them)

Regional Wellness and Enrichment Program Coordinator

Liberty Senior Living


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