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A New Approach to Life Enrichment

How Holland Home Built an Environment for Wellness Utilizing a Technology Toolbox

In an era where senior living communities are catering to a diverse and increasingly tech-savvy population, the role of activity professionals in optimizing the well-being of older adults has never been more crucial. Holland Home, a pioneer in leveraging technology to modernize, recognized the need to scale its programming while adapting to the evolving needs of its residents. The adoption of technology became a cornerstone of their strategy to optimize the allocation of resources and time for their dedicated team.

This discussion will delve into how Holland Home successfully integrated Welbi’s technology into their community, enabling them to streamline planning and digitize resident information. The presentation will highlight the pivotal role technology plays in streamlining processes, allowing staff to focus on what truly matters – enriching the lives of their residents.

Join Holland Home’s Director of Resident Life, Marenta Klinger, and Welbi’s CEO, Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau as they explore the journey of Holland Home and the transformative impact of tech-driven solutions on senior living communities. Discover how these innovations empower activity professionals to create personalized and meaningful experiences, fostering the overall health and well-being of older adults.

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